Starter Guide

This is a starter guide to using the API and SDK. This guide is tailored to users with little or no coding experience.


  • Node.js
  • A Code Editor or IDE


  1. Verify Node.js is installed.
    • In a terminal, type node -v and verify that you receive a response similar to v18.17.1.
      • Terminals on Windows include Command Prompt, PowerShell, Terminal, and Visual Studio Code’s terminal.
    • If you do not receive a response in the terminal, or you receive an error, you must install Node.js from their website.
  2. Install the SDK.
    • The SDK can be found here. Follow the installation guide on the page in your terminal.
  3. Use the SDK.
    • This is a sample JavaScript example using the GetPlayer method in a single file.
    • This function uses async and await. To learn about these concepts, refer to the MDN pages: async function and await.
    const sdk = require("@bmg-esports/sdk")
    async function FindPlayer(id) {
        const result = await sdk.getPlayer({smashId: id});
        return console.log(result)
  4. Run your program.
    • Use a terminal to run the file by entering node [FileName].js.
    • It should return information about Sandstorm, including their smashId and brawlhallaId.
  5. Debugging and other information.
    • If your program returns SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module, then you likely used an import statement instead of a require. If you wish to keep the import, you must change the program into a module by adding "main": "[FileName].js" to your package.json file.
    • The SDK contains every method contained in the documentation. An IDE like Visual Studio Code has IntelliSense, which can surface all of the available methods for you.